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A few interesting items that have come my way that I thought I would share with the residents of Clear Lake:
The first is a little snippet from Cottage Life (published Aug 13) listing 6 simple ways that you can improve your ecosystem at the lake:  for more information go to
1)Stop mowing: pristine lawns do not belong at the lake, particularly close to the shoreline.  For one, the unnatural monoculture doesn't provide the habit for the animals that you love spotting.  Plus, Canada geese love lawns and can become frequent visitors - and defecators - on your property.
2)Keep the lake clean: The lake is your playground [and likely the source of your drinking water] so you want to keep it clean, obviously, you shouldn't let garbage blow into the water.   If you're doing any painting or staining, make sure you're well back from the shoreline.  Maintain your boat engine so that oil and fuel don't leak into the lake.  Finally, have your septic system regularly inspected to ensure sewage isn't seeping into the water.
3) Don't feed the wildlife: 
4) Instal a bat box: They eat a lot of mosquitoes
5)Become a citizen scientist: 
6) Join a cottage association or environmental group.
 The second is the attached email from FOCA regarding wake - something we should always be mindful of.  Also, I encourage you to subscribe to the FOCA newsletters - they are always very informative. Go to to subscribe - or follow the link provided on our website.
Because I can't help myself, those who have not done so yet, please submit your $50 membership due at your earliest convenience.
From: Federation of Ontario Cottagers' Associations a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">>
Date: August 7, 2021 at 11:15:12 AM EDT
Subject: Special Release: Be #WakeAware video & resources

Hello Liz,
FOCA is very proud to launch the new Be #WakeAware campaign, together with our partners at the Muskoka Lakes Association and Safe Quiet Lakes.
Boaters need to be #WakeAware to ensure ALL lake or river users are able to enjoy the water safely and sustainably. Any wake near shore can cause issues for loons, docks, shorelines, swimmers and other small craft users.
  • Large wake users are encouraged to take their fun to the middle of large lakes. Avoid narrow, shallow or near-shore areas, and watch behind you to understand your wake impact.
  • All small powerboat users can help, too, by always reducing speed to 10 km/hr or less within 30m of shore, and by getting up to plane quickly when transitioning from slow to high speed.
We all have a role to play in being #WakeAware.
Do your part:
Please visit the campaign webpage, share the link and #WakeAware hashtag on your own social networks, websites and community groups, and circulate this message to everyone you know who loves the waterfront in Ontario:
Be #WakeAware
You'll find additional resources about wake impacts at the foot of the campaign webpage.
NOTE: This Special Release is being sent to everyone in FOCA's member associations for whom we have an email and title (like President, Lake Steward, etc.) on file, and to each of our dedicated Board Members, Individual Supporters, and media contacts.
Stay connected with FOCA:
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