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Where and Who We Are:

Clear Lake is located off Hwy 6 at the south end of Espanola Ont.  It is a small, quiet and picturesque lake with about 50 properties. The Lake is approximately1.5k long, .50k wide and 20m deep.

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The Clear Lake Stewardship Association (CLSA) area of interest is the Clear Lake basin. 

We strive to protect the environmental health of Clear Lake for use by the community and as a natural habitat. The CLSA aids in the regeneration and sustainability of Clear Lake through monitoring, education and communication.

The CLSA  works in partnership with the town of Espanola, the property owners and the residents of Clear Lake and all levels of government to promote good stewardship practices.

The CLSA has established an executive that meets on a regular basis and holds general meetings at appropriate intervals.


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Click HERE to see the minutes of the May 2012 General Meeting and Apr 2012 - year end to see the Year End Treasurers Report.

And HERE for the Jun 2013 AGM


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Blog Posts

Summer 2020

Posted by CLSA - Secretary on January 21, 2021 at 15:19 0 Comments

I trust one and all enjoyed the summer and especially enjoyed the second summer after what was a sudden and dreary fall.

I normally end my correspondences with an appeal to get membership dues in.  However, because the renewal rate this year has been less than ideal, understandable given the circumstances we are currently experiencing, I am leading with this appeal.   The Association’s annual bills are due and we need your support.  We have enjoyed your $50 support in the past and hope that this is only a sign of COVID times and not a change of heart.  It is easy to etransfer (to and I would be more than happy to arrange a contactless pick up if that is more desirable to you.  Call or text me at 705-869-7534 and we can work something out. 

In my last communication I expressed concern that, given the abnormally hot weather, we might experience a blue-green algae bloom.  Unlike Lake Ramsey in Sudbury we did not, in fact the lake water remained super clear and all measured indicators of lake health were well within parameters – except perhaps the water temperature which was, unsurprisingly, high.   As a reminder; the water sampling crew measures temperature, clarity, dissolved oxygen and phosphorus at surface, 6m, 12m and bottom at three different locations (east & west pool as well as deepest spot – off Loon Island.  Along with wonderful sampling results it was observed that the milfoil was relatively sparse this summer – a wonderful plus when it comes to lake enjoyment.  Many thanks Greg and Dennis for participating in the sampling routine in a safe physical distancing way. 

The residents of Clear Lake must clearly take a bow for maintaining the good stewardship practices that are keeping our lake healthy.  You know the big ones: Buffer zones, septic system maintenance, abstinence of herbicides and pesticides, making no wake and of course keeping gas and especially…



Posted by CLSA - Secretary on November 18, 2020 at 14:53 0 Comments

Ok, Happy Belated Canada Day....


I trust this quick update finds everyone healthy and happy and enjoying the incredible weather we are currently experiencing.  It is hard to believe that just a couple of short weeks ago we were enduring a cold and wet spring.


This hot weather does bring some concerns. Just like your garden or vegetable plot plants bloom best when there is light, heat and nutrients.  The same is true of the algae in the lake.  We can’t do much about the heat and light and fortunately the phosphorus levels in June were excellent – about 10ppb – which is well within acceptable parameters. So, we are looking good as far as the things we can mostly control... and here comes the proverbial but... we have had the unfortunate experience in the past when there has been a bloom even when the nutrient levels are acceptable.  Let’s hope this does not occur again. If you want to learn more about Blue green algae follow the link on the website.   Other than this concern the lake is amazingly clear and the milfoil is in general, relatively sparse.  Such is the way of the weevil/milfoil relationship; up some years and down others: Three cheers for the weevils!


The water sampling team will be continuing our work – in fact we are heading out this Tuesday - and I will be sure to share any concerns as they arise.


I want to share some really good news:  the Invasive Species Centre in Sault Ste. Marie has received $850,000 in provincial funding.   Established in 2011, the Invasive Species Centre has a mandate to raise awareness about invasive species and combat their spread throughout Canada.  The Invasive Species Centre will work with partners to develop new measures to prevent and manage invasive species and we know how important…


Clear Lake Stewardship Association is a social network

Best Practices:

IClick Shoreline Owners Guide to Healthy Waterfronts for detailed  information

1. Establish and/or expand buffer zones. Click HERE to learn more

2. Don't use fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides.

3. Get septic systems pumped  out regularly and maintain the field bed. Click HERE to learn more

4. Use phosphate free and biodegradable soaps and cleaning products

5. Insure no gas and/or oil enters the lake.

6. Make no wake

7. Be a good Neighbour and good Steward - be considerate of your environment- be aware of your actions and the impact you are having on what surrounds you.


Blue Green Algae

Click HERE to read all about Blue Green Algae - a very informative and balanced document.

Click HERE , HERE ,and HERE   to read the Letter and Fact sheets supplied by the Sudbury and District Health Unit.



 To learn about Eurasian milfoil Click HERE

To read the 2009 progress report  click HERE

To read the 2012 report about the milfoil in Clear Lake Click HERE. 

To read the 2013 report click HERE


Water Survey Results

To look at the detail 2009-2018 water testing/survey results go


To look at a summary report of the 2009-2017 water testing/survey results go



Know your limit and fish within it.

To discover fishing limits and seasons in our zone (10) go  HERE

If you suspect someone is overfishing REPORT IT doing nothing condones it!

Mitch Turcott
CO, Espanola Area
Desk : 705-869-5246
Cell: 705-869-7862


To find out what happens if there is a traffic accident that creates a spill that threatens the lake- click  HERE

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