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Where and Who We Are:

Clear Lake is located off Hwy 6 at the south end of Espanola Ont.  It is a small, quiet and picturesque lake with about 50 properties. The Lake is approximately1.5k long, .50k wide and 20m deep.

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The Clear Lake Stewardship Association (CLSA) area of interest is the Clear Lake basin. 

We strive to protect the environmental health of Clear Lake for use by the community and as a natural habitat. The CLSA aids in the regeneration and sustainability of Clear Lake through monitoring, education and communication.

The CLSA  works in partnership with the town of Espanola, the property owners and the residents of Clear Lake and all levels of government to promote good stewardship practices.

The CLSA has established an executive that meets on a regular basis and holds general meetings at appropriate intervals.


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Blog Posts

Wild Garlic Mustard

Posted by CLSA - Secretary on June 12, 2020 at 11:00 0 Comments

Thank you Cheryl for sharing this information - I have attached a link to the invasive species website for those who would like to learn more. Click Here

Also, just want to let you all know that the lake sampling team is back on the job. We were out sampling last week, the clarity was amazing for this time of year - 5m, water temp and dissolved oxygen level were also good. I will let you know what the phosphorus level look like when we get the results....

For those of you who have not already done so - please get your membership dues in - etransfer to or give me a call (705-869-3679) or text (705-869-7534) and we can make pick up or drop off arrangements that suit you.



hello, The Manitoulin Expositor did an article today about the wild garlic mustard plant which is an invasive species which chokes out Trilliums and other forest cover.

I found some on our property. The good news is you can make a pesto with it but the stuff has to be pulled and can't be thrown in your compost pile, The plant produces thousands of seeds which can live for up to 30 years in the soil.

I encourage everyone on the lake to scout their property for this plant and pull it and dispose of it properly trapped in plastic bags.

Take care!

Crazy Times

Posted by CLSA - Secretary on May 21, 2020 at 9:43 0 Comments

What a crazy new world we are living in.

 Normally we would be working hard to finalize the Saving Lake Under Attack - Science to the Rescue? workshop which was meant to be held June 13th.  

Normally we would be starting our annual water testing regime.

Normally we would be visiting and socializing with our friends and neighbours.


These are certainly not normal times.


We have postponed the workshop but are hoping to host it next year.  Sadly we were all good to go and just had the invitations to send out – so disappointed. 

Water sampling routines are also on hold – at least for May and likely June. The Lake Partnership Program we participate in has been cancelled for this year (the Dorset MNR lab is shuttered).

Any thoughts of hosting a community awareness fun family day have gone by the wayside – at least for the foreseeable future.


However, the good news is that we are blessed to live on our beautiful little lake – and now that the weather has turned (FINALLY) we can enjoy the wonders that are lakeside living.  Meaning cocktails on the dock, canoe and kayaking and soon we will be swimming, sailing and perhaps enjoying a bit of fishing.  If one has to isolate and physically distance what better place to do it.


I am sure it is not really news but our loons have once again taken up residence – let’s make sure we continue to give then lots of room as we venture out and hopefully we will be rewarded with another pair of babies.  Anecdotally, the milfoil , at least off the end of our dock, has fallen over the winter.   That is always good.  


These crazy times take one back to basics and how important basic things really are.  With that in mind I thought I would take this opportunity to remind one and all about basic Lake Stewardship Practices; you know - all the simple little things that are good for our lake and good…


Clear Lake Stewardship Association is a social network

Best Practices:

IClick Shoreline Owners Guide to Healthy Waterfronts for detailed  information

1. Establish and/or expand buffer zones. Click HERE to learn more

2. Don't use fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides.

3. Get septic systems pumped  out regularly and maintain the field bed. Click HERE to learn more

4. Use phosphate free and biodegradable soaps and cleaning products

5. Insure no gas and/or oil enters the lake.

6. Make no wake

7. Be a good Neighbour and good Steward - be considerate of your environment- be aware of your actions and the impact you are having on what surrounds you.


Blue Green Algae

Click HERE to read all about Blue Green Algae - a very informative and balanced document.

Click HERE , HERE ,and HERE   to read the Letter and Fact sheets supplied by the Sudbury and District Health Unit.



 To learn about Eurasian milfoil Click HERE

To read the 2009 progress report  click HERE

To read the 2012 report about the milfoil in Clear Lake Click HERE. 

To read the 2013 report click HERE


Water Survey Results

To look at the detail 2009-2018 water testing/survey results go


To look at a summary report of the 2009-2017 water testing/survey results go



Know your limit and fish within it.

To discover fishing limits and seasons in our zone (10) go  HERE

If you suspect someone is overfishing REPORT IT doing nothing condones it!

Mitch Turcott
CO, Espanola Area
Desk : 705-869-5246
Cell: 705-869-7862


To find out what happens if there is a traffic accident that creates a spill that threatens the lake- click  HERE

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