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Where and Who We Are:

Clear Lake is located off Hwy 6 at the south end of Espanola Ont.  It is a small, quiet and picturesque lake with about 50 properties. The Lake is approximately1.5k long, .50k wide and 20m deep.

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The Clear Lake Stewardship Association (CLSA) area of interest is the Clear Lake basin. 

We strive to protect the environmental health of Clear Lake for use by the community and as a natural habitat. The CLSA aids in the regeneration and sustainability of Clear Lake through monitoring, education and communication.

The CLSA  works in partnership with the town of Espanola, the property owners and the residents of Clear Lake and all levels of government to promote good stewardship practices.

The CLSA has established an executive that meets on a regular basis and holds general meetings at appropriate intervals.


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Posted by CLSA - Secretary on January 8, 2019 at 14:09 0 Comments

2018 Highlights-

Another great summer on our beautiful lake!  The water was warm and clear and oh so swim-able.  It sure was hot hot hot and so very dry – luckily we did not have any brush fires – all it would have taken this year was one wee wayward spark and POOOF.

 The water level dropped to the lowest many of us  have ever seen.  Given the low water level, the heat (which equals higher lake temperatures) and the amount of sunlight a bloom of some description was expected.  However we did not experience one and in fact saw the most amazing clarity; midsummer it was 5m!

As to the sampling results themselves -   all parameters were well within acceptable range.  Although September phosphorus results in the west pool are of some concern.  We also started taking water samples close to the highway to determine sodium chloride concentrations.  I have attached bit of information about how you personally can reduce your road salt contribution.  The sampling team did not make it out in October although numerous efforts were made – it was either raining or really really windy.  Seriously, did we even have a Fall?

As you might remember the Clear Lake Stewardship Association hosted another Saving Lakes Under Attack Workshop.  This time we focused on Healthy Shorelines – probably one of the single most influential factors that can affect lake water quality and probably one of the most powerful ways a property owner can effectively alter water quality.   The workshop was well attended and it was especially wonderful to see as many members of our Association there as we did.   Bravo!

Looking forward to 2019

WE will be having a community YARD SALE this spring.  Probably on May 11th. So don’t throw out those unwanted items they can be donated to the CLSA and sold.  More will be forthcoming over the…


Clear Lake Stewardship Association is a social network

Best Practices:

IClick Shoreline Owners Guide to Healthy Waterfronts for detailed  information

1. Establish and/or expand buffer zones. Click HERE to learn more

2. Don't use fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides.

3. Get septic systems pumped  out regularly.

4. Use phosphate free and biodegradable soaps and cleaning products

5. Insure no gas and/or oil enters the lake

6. Make no wake

7. Be a good Neighbour and good Steward - be considerate of your environment- be aware of your actions and the impact you are having on what surrounds you.


Blue Green Algae

Click HERE to read all about Blue Green Algae - a very informative and balanced document.

Click HERE , HERE ,and HERE   to read the Letter and Fact sheets supplied by the Sudbury and District Health Unit.



 To learn about Eurasian milfoil Click HERE

To read the 2009 progress report  click HERE

To read the 2012 report about the milfoil in Clear Lake Click HERE. 

To read the 2013 report click HERE


Water Survey Results

To look at the detail 2009-2017water testing/survey results go


To look at a summary report of the 2009-2107 water testing/survey results go



Know your limit and fish within it.

To discover fishing limits and seasons in our zone (10) go  HERE

If you suspect someone is overfishing REPORT IT doing nothing condones it!

Mitch Turcott
CO, Espanola Area
Desk : 705-869-5246
Cell: 705-869-7862


To find out what happens if there is a traffic accident that creates a spill that threatens the lake- click  HERE

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