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Spring this year included a fake summer, rain, then a pretend summer then real spring and now it looks like we are headed into real summer.  The lack of rain is of concern – the lake level is low for this time of year - the water if barely flowing over the weir.  So let us all do a little rain dance; but not too enthusiastic a one, you know the one where it only rains at night so that we can enjoy lots of wonderful sunny days – swimming, sailing, kayaking and playing in, around and on the water.

The water sampling crew has been out on the lake and has completed the May survey.  Everything looked good:  water temperature; dissolved oxygen and clarity were all about what is expected for that time of year.  However, the phosphorus results for the east pool were alarmingly high – let’s hope it is just an anomaly and not a trend.  As you know high phosphorus levels increase the likelihood of algae blooms so break out those best practices and help keep our lake healthy.

  • Establish and/or expand buffer zones – size does matter.
  • Don't use fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides.
  • Get septic systems pumped out regularly and maintain the field bed.
  • Use phosphate free and biodegradable soaps and cleaning products
  • Insure no gas and/or oil enters the lake.
  • Make no wake – for so many reasons – erosion and Loon habitat to name just two
  • Be a good Neighbour and good Steward - be considerate of your environment- be aware of your actions and the impact you are having on what surrounds you.

Check out the website for links that provide details on how to implement some of these practices.

And, speaking of wake: please, please, please give Loon Island a broad berth. The loons are hopefully on the nest and will, if given the opportunity, provide us the joy of babies this year.  Last year they were unsuccessful- who knows why but the likelihood of their nest being swamped is high the more boat (wake) activity there is.  Actually any activity in the nest area can compromise viability – so even a curious too close paddle by can have a negative impact – so best to just stay away.   I have inserted a link to a sad yet interesting Loon story from the Sudbury Star and it suggests actions that, if necessary, the CLSA might want to consider pursuing.  Your thoughts are more than welcome. It takes a minute to load but be patient it is a very good read and worth the wait.

In closing – yes; it is that time again – 2021/2022 memberships are due so please etransfer to, or if you prefer drop me a text 705-869-7534 and we can arrange a contactless pick up.  As always your support and concern about the health of our beautiful little lake is – as they say – priceless.  Thank you to those who have already submitted their dues.

Next newsletter I will share the latest on un-encapsulated Styrofoam docks.

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