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Another successful Yard Sale. we raised  $1610.40 - a record breaker.
As is usual it takes a lot of wonderful donations and an army of volunteers to pull off an event like this.
First and as always, I want to thank…

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It is a go!
We will be holding the CLSA Community Yard Sale at Clear Lake Beach Park on May 14th from 9AM- 12PM.
We will be pricing and sorting on May 13th at Gary and Kathy's - 357 Clear Lake Dr.  Please drop off your donations there anytime after…

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It has been another long and lonely winter.  It has been a while since I have been in touch with you and  I hope this finds you and your family happy and healthy

First a few administration items:

Fred Yackman has, with regret, resigned as Chair of the CLSA. Fred has decided to focus on other endeavours but will remain a dedicated and involved member of our…


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Wake aware and a few other tidbits

A few interesting items that have come my way that I thought I would share with the residents of Clear Lake:
The first is a little snippet from Cottage Life (published Aug 13) listing 6 simple ways that you can improve your ecosystem at the lake:  for more information go to
1)Stop mowing: pristine lawns do not belong at the lake, particularly close to the shoreline.  For one, the unnatural monoculture doesn't provide the habit for the animals that you…

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First, I want to extend a warm welcome to the newest members of our community.  Welcome Mark & Vicky, Mark & Barbara and Ellen & Monika – I know you are going to love this little slice of paradise we call home.  


Let’s start with the good news; which is a bad news good news story in and of its self.  An inordinate amount of activity had been noticed in and around Loon Island this nesting season. Loon populations are in decline and two of the many reasons are nest…


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Spring 2021 Newsletter

Spring this year included a fake summer, rain, then a pretend summer then real spring and now it looks like we are headed into real summer.  The lack of rain is of concern – the lake level is low for this time of year - the water if barely flowing over the weir.  So let us all do a little rain dance; but not too enthusiastic a one, you know the one where it only rains at night so that we can enjoy lots of wonderful sunny days – swimming, sailing, kayaking and playing in, around and…


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Executive Council Meeting Minutes -2021

Jan 2021

April 2021

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Stuff you should absolutely know

Let us take walk down memory lane for long-time residents and provide a bit of history for the newest members of our lakeside community:

A little over 12 years ago our lovely lake was in serious trouble.  It was being choked with Eurasian Milfoil and was subject to lake wide algae blooms thanks to very high phosphorus levels.  Over the past years a huge effort has been made by the property owners in conjunction with the Town of Espanola to rejuvenate and sustain a healthy Clear…


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2020 In Review

I trust one and all enjoyed the summer and especially enjoyed the second summer after what was a sudden and dreary fall.

I normally end my correspondences with an appeal to get membership dues in.  However, because the renewal rate this year has been less than ideal, understandable given the circumstances we are currently experiencing, I am leading with this appeal.   The Association’s annual bills are due and we need your support.  We have enjoyed your $50 support in the past and…


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Ok, Happy Belated Canada Day....


I trust this quick update finds everyone healthy and happy and enjoying the incredible weather we are currently experiencing.  It is hard to believe that just a couple of short weeks ago we were enduring a cold and wet spring.


This hot weather does bring some concerns. Just like your garden or vegetable plot plants bloom best when there is light, heat and nutrients.  The same is true of the algae in the lake.  We can’t…


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Wild Garlic Mustard

Thank you Cheryl for sharing this information - I have attached a link to the invasive species website for those who would like to learn more. Click Here

Also, just want to let you all know that the lake sampling team is back on the job. We were out sampling last week, the clarity was amazing for this time of year - 5m, water temp and dissolved oxygen level were also good. I will let you know…


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Crazy Times

What a crazy new world we are living in.

 Normally we would be working hard to finalize the Saving Lake Under Attack - Science to the Rescue? workshop which was meant to be held June 13th.  

Normally we would be starting our annual water testing regime.

Normally we would be visiting and socializing with our friends and neighbours.


These are certainly not normal times.


We have postponed the workshop but are…


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Executive Council Minutes (2020)

Jan 2020

Feb 2020

March 2020

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Executive Council Minutes (2019)

March 2109

May 2019

Oct 2019…


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End of Year

Well, the weather outside is frightful – ok, really unpleasant.


 It is difficult to remember at this juncture the amazing summer we had.  The ice was off the lake the first week of May; mid May we hosted a very successful Yard Sale at the beach.  In general spring was cool and wet and there was no shortage of black flies.

From that wet soggy mess a hot summer with little precipitation evolved and it was glorious.  There were…


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Well it looks like we skipped spring; we went from cool and rainy to hot and humid in what seemed a matter of days.  We are blessed, what better place to enjoy this unexpected weather than on our beautiful little lake.

The Clear Lake Stewardship Association is all about the water and preserving the natural environment but outside that mandate we are more than that – we are a community.  It is in our best interests as a community to preserve and protect the water we drink, the water we…


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I mean seriously - spring is late, cool and wet.....the upside is we shouldn't have bush fire worries - at least in the short term....the downside - well it is cool and wet.  But, then again we have enjoyed a few wonderfully warm days as well and summer is still to be had.
The team has completed the first water…

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Sucess !!!

Once again we hosted an amazing yard sale and raised a little over $1000.....Awesome, awesome, awesome


Where to start with the thank -you's. So many were involved - if I forget anyone - my heart felt apologies.


First,  I want to thank the Town of Espanola for once again giving us permission to use Clear Lake Beach Park - it is the PERFECT location.  The Towns ongoing support and encouragement of our efforts is appreciated.


Second, our thanks to…


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Minutes of Executive Meetings

April 2018

May 2018

Nov 2018…


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2019 Yard Sale

When will spring finally arrive?  You think it is here then bam – it’s not. That doesn’t mean we can’t start preparing for its arrival.  That means Spring cleaning time is almost upon us too and that probably includes de-cluttering. Now what to do with all that stuff you no longer use, need or want…We are talking books, clothes, knick knacks, general house hold items, toys (big people & little people ones), gardening stuff & kitchen stuff – you pretty much name it…You know all those…


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